TCAP Success Grade 7 MATH Chapter 13

TCAP Success Grade 7 MATH Chapter 13 Sample


The diameter of a solid ball is 14 in. If the ball is cut through the center, what is the area of the cross section? (Use 3.14 for π.) Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.


1 pt

What shape is the vertical cross section of a cone?

1 pt

A heptagonal prism has a length of 5 m. Its face is a heptagon with an area of 725 m2. What is the volume of the heptagonal prism?

Use the figure and the information given below to answer questions 10–11.

Leah’s family is going camping. Her parents bring a tent, which is in the shape of a triangular prism. The tent is 10 ft long. The triangular face is an equilateral triangle with sides of 7 ft and a height of 6 3 ft.


What is the surface area of the tent?