TCAP Success Grade 7 MATH Chapter 15

TCAP Success Grade 7 MATH Chapter 15 Sample


Mrs. O’Brien was looking for a way to have fun the day before Spring Break. She decided to "Spin the Day Away." Looking at the spinner below, what is the probability of the first spin landing on either art or cleaning? Express your answer in fraction form.

1 pt

In a cookie jar containing 6 chocolate chip cookies, 8 wafer cookies, and 10 double chocolate cookies, what is the probability that a person who isn’t looking while picking out one cookie, will get a chocolate chip cookie? Express your answer in percent form.

1 pt

Carrie bought a basket of 60 apples. When she got home, she noticed 4 of the apples were rotten. If she goes back to buy 200 more apples, how many rotten apples should she expect?


Lilly won a school contest and gets to draw one prize from the prize box. If there are 7 different prizes, what is the probability Lilly will draw a restaurant gift card? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.



Shane scores 40% of his free throws in basketball. If he takes 60 shots, how many will go in the basket?