TCAP Success Grade 7 MATH Post-Test

TCAP Success Grade 7 MATH Post-Test Sample

1 pt

Alexa’s poster board has a perimeter of 46 inches. The length of the poster board is 15 inches.

Which equation could be used to find the width, w, of Alexa’s poster board?

1 pt

The table below shows the high temperature for each of six days in February. It also shows the difference between the high and the low temperature for each day.

Select all the days that the temperature reached below –2°F.

1 pt

Use the expression below to answer the question.


Which expression is equivalent to the one shown?

1 pt

The total average daily attendance of Washington Middle School is 2,890. Yesterday only 45 of the students attended school. If there are 3000 students enrolled, how many fewer students attended yesterday than the average daily attendance?

1 pt

Sally collected 140 shells at the beach. Sally separated the shells by color. The table below shows the colors of the shells Sally collected from the beach.

Using the data, what is the probability that the next shell Sally will collect is a pink or gray shell?