TCAP Success Grade 8 MATH Chapter 10

TCAP Success Grade 8 MATH Chapter 10 Sample

1 pt

How was square ABCD reflected?

1 pt

How was square ABCD rotated?

1 pt

What type(s) of transformation(s) occurred between FGH and FGH?


Segment FG begins at point G(7,3), and ends at point F(3,0). The segment is translated left 6 units and up 5 units, and then reflected across the x-axis to form segment F′G′.

Part A.

What are the coordinates of point F’?

1 pt

Read the following conjecture.

When a polygon is reflected across the x-axis, all of the y-coordinates will become negative, and the x-coordinates will stay the same.

Develop a chain of reasoning to justify or refute the conjecture. Demonstrate that the conjecture is always true or that there is at least one example in which it is not true.