TCAP Success Grade 8 MATH Chapter 15

TCAP Success Grade 8 MATH Chapter 15 Sample

1 pt

In a cookie jar containing 6 chocolate chip cookies, 8 wafer cookies, and 10 double chocolate cookies, what is the probability that a person who isn’t looking while picking out one cookie, will get a chocolate chip cookie? Express your answer in percent form.

1 pt

Rita and Rose were sharing a bag of jelly beans. The bag contained 52 orange jelly beans, 63 lime ones, 72 cherry ones, 28 lemon ones, and 65 pink ones of an unknown flavor. If Rita closes her eyes and pulls out the first jelly bean, what is the probability that the jelly bean she picks is a lemon one? Express your answer as a percent.

1 pt

Carrie bought a basket of 60 apples. When she got home, she noticed 4 of the apples were rotten. If she goes back to buy 200 more apples, how many rotten apples should she expect?

1 pt

In a 30 day month, Michelle visits her grandparents approximately 7 times. What is the probability Michelle will visit her grandparents on the first Sunday of the next 30 day month?

1 pt

On a regular 6-sided die, which is more likely: rolling an odd number or an even number?