LEAP 2025 ELA Grade 3 Chapter 6

LEAP 2025 ELA Grade 3 Chapter 6 Sample

1 pt

To find out how to say the word delicious, where should a student look?

1 pt

In paragraph 1, what is another word for scrumptious?

Say that you looked up the word figured and found the following definitions.


1. added up numbers

2. made a diagram

3. thought about or concluded

4. appeared in a prominent way

1 pt

Which definition in the list above best fits figured as it is used in paragraph 2 below?

Use this thesaurus entry to answer question 6 below.

word: sad part of speech: adjective

meaning: unhappy, low in spirits

synonyms: cheerless, gloomy, down, glum, disheartened

antonyms: cheerful, happy, glad

1 pt

Which of these nuances would be a better word to use for glum?

The passage below is missing words or word phrases. We need your help to complete each sentence. Using the word bank, fill in the blanks for questions 8 - 14 with the correct temporal or spatial words or phrase. You can only use a word or phrase once.


, my friend, Tommy, came over to play basketball.


, the doctor told my parents that I was going to be okay. But she wanted me to stay in the hospital for a couple of days to make sure the rattlesnake venom was out of my body.