TCAP Success ALGEBRA 2 EOC Chapter 10

TCAP Success ALGEBRA 2 EOC Chapter 10 Sample

1 pt DOK: 2

Which of the following quadratic functions has a maximum?

1 pt DOK: 2

What is f(x)=8x2-48x+58 in vertex form?

1 pt DOK: 2

What is the average rate of change of the quadratic function f(x)=8(x+4)2-16 from x=` to x=3?

1 pt DOK: 1

The graph of the quadratic funtion f(x)=x2+4x+7 is shown. Based on this information, how many solutions does the quadratic equation x2+4x-7 have?

1 pt DOK: 2

According to the graph, if Holly’s family is parked for a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes, how much will they pay for parking?