TCAP Success ALGEBRA 2 EOC Chapter 14

TCAP Success ALGEBRA 2 EOC Chapter 14 Sample

1 pt


Use the following exponential growth/decay models to choose a function, f(t), and evaluate the specified amounts described in problems 5-8.

Exponential Growth: f(t)=a(1+r)t Exponential Decay: f(t)=a(1-r)t

1 pt

By referring to the previous problem, find the value of Josh’s computer after 3 years.

1 pt

P. J. is trying to help the environment by recycling more material and reduce his waste. The first month, P. J. recycles 5 pounds of re-usable materials, and increases that amount by an average of 22% each month. Write the equation for the function, f(t), where t is the number of months that P. J. recycles.

1 pt

By using your equation from the previous problem, about how many pounds is P. J. able to recycle after 8 months?