South Carolina Get Ready Grade 5 Mathematics Pre Test

South Carolina Get Ready Grade 5 Mathematics Pre Test Sample


What is the value of 42 ÷ (2 × 3) – 5?

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1 pt

Alicia buys apples that cost $0.85 each. She spends a total of $47.60 on the apples. To determine how many apples she bought, she needs to divide $47.60 by $0.85.

Part A.

How many apples did Alicia buy?


Part B.

Brian is putting two more fish ponds in the front yard that hold the same total number of gallons as the fish ponds in the back yard that you found in Part A. The top pond will hold 38 gallons. How many gallons will the bottom pond hold?

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1 pt

Brad stacked his plastic cubes into a rectangular prism. Each cube is 2 inches thick, with a base that is 2 inches long and 2 inches wide. What is the total volume in cubic inches of Brad’s rectangular prism?

1 pt

Mark has a pile of wooden cubes. Each edge of each cube is 1 unit long.

Which two statements about Mark’s cubes are correct?

1 pt

Kyla the Kangaroo jumped three times and jumped 2.7 feet each time.

What is the exact distance Kyla jumped after 3 jumps?

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