South Carolina Get Ready Grade 6 Mathematics Pre Test

South Carolina Get Ready Grade 6 Mathematics Pre Test Sample

1 pt

The number of pairs of earrings Madison has can be described by the expression 4(r + 4) where r is the number of pairs of earrings. Select all the expressions that could also be used to represent the number of pairs of earrings that Madison has.

1 pt

Which point on the number line represents –1.2?


Calvin’s elementary school performed a talent show and had a bake sale for a school fundraiser. The baking items were all the same price. The show and the bake sale were on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Shown below are two tables showing the collection of money from the two fundraisers.

Part A: Write an equation used to find y, the amount of money collected for selling x number of bake sale items. Put your answer in the box.

y =


The formula for converting temperatures from degrees to Celsius, C, to degrees Fahrenheit, F, is shown below.


What is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit when the temperature is 450 C? Enter your answer in the box.

degrees Fahrenheit

1 pt

Use the information provided to answer Part A and Part B for question 42.

The line plot shows the weight of fish caught by 4 fisherman one afternoon.

Part A: Write and evaluate an expression using addition and multiplication to determine the total weight of all the fish caught during the afternoon. Show or explain each step you used to evaluate the expression. Enter your expression in the first box and your solution in the second box.

1 pt

Consider the following data:

29 28 x 29 30 28

If the mode is 29 which number could x be?