AL QC Biology Test

AL QC Biology Test Sample

1 pt Standard: A1B DOK: 1

Kayla had two Petri dishes full of Euglena. Euglena are unicellular protists that are able to move via a flagellum and can sense light with an eye spot. She exposed one dish to a light source. Then she measured the number of Euglena that moved in the direction of the light. She kept the other dish in the dark. Finally, she measured the direction of movement of the Euglena in the dark.

What is the dependent variable in this experiment?

1 pt Standard: B1G DOK: 2

If a cell is placed in a highly concentrated glucose solution, what will most likely happen to the cell?

1 pt Standard: F1G, E3B DOK: 2

Which of the following groups contains organisms that belong in the first trophic level?

1 pt Standard: B1G DOK: 3

A cell has an internal concentration of 0.34 g/mL. Which solution would create an isotonic situation for the cell?

1 pt Standard: F1D DOK: 1

All living plants and animals require energy. Among land dwelling organisms, where does 100% of their needed energy ultimately come from?