ACT Math Test

ACT Math Test Sample

1 pt

DIRECTIONS: Solve each problem and then choose the correct answer.

Do not linger over problems that take too much time. Solve as many as you can; then return to the others in the time you have left for this test.

You are permitted to use a calculator on this test. You may use your calculator for any problems you choose, but some of the problems may best be done without using a calculator.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all of the following should be assumed.

  1. Illustrative figures are NOT necessarily drawn to scale.

  2. Geometric figures lie in a plane.

  3. The word line indicates a straight line.

  4. The word average indicates arithmetic mean.

After the advanced screening of a new movie, each of the members of the movie’s audience was asked if he/she strongly agreed, agreed, disagreed, or strongly disagreed with the following statement: "I loved this movie!" The results of the survey are shown in the pie chart below. What percentage of the people who loved the movie strongly agreed with the statement?

1 pt

Simplify: [ rac{{{{csc }^2} heta + {{sec }^2} heta }}{{18{{csc }^2} heta cdot {{sec }^2} heta }}]

1 pt

If [2x + 9y = - 14] and [5x - y = 12], what are the values of [x] and [y]?

1 pt

A triangle with vertices at the points [(2,0)], [(8,8)], and [(8,-8)] is rotated 270[^circ ] clockwise about the origin of a coordinate grid. Which of the following points represents a vertex of the transformed triangle?

1 pt

For vacation the members of the Johnson family are driving in a straight line from their hometown of Jamestown, which is 45 miles south and 16 miles east of their state capitol, to Kent. When they are halfway to Kent, they are 3 miles south and 44 miles west of their state capitol. Where is Kent located relative to their state capitol?