South Carolina English 1 EOCEP Chapter 5

South Carolina English 1 EOCEP Chapter 5 Sample

1 pt

Read this excerpt from the passage.

"During the Bone Wars, Marsh found an almost complete dinosaur skeleton. The skeleton was missing a head. So he used the skull of another dinosaur in order to complete the skeleton. Marsh named this dinosaur Apatosaurus. Drawings of this dinosaur were published in magazines and newspapers all over the country. "

This excerpt is an example of –

1 pt

Read this passage and answer the question that follows.

I was trying to have a conversation with my neighbor about how to improve relationships among all ethnic groups and reduce the crime rate in our town. All of a sudden, my neighbor became angry and said, "People like you don’t understand what it’s like to be of my race, so you have no right to make an argument about this situation."

This passage is an example of which logical fallacy?

1 pt

Which type of media would be the most effective in presenting information about the history of comic books?

1 pt

Why would an author add bullets to informational text?