TCAP Success Grade 6 MATH Unit Test 2

TCAP Success Grade 6 MATH Unit Test 2 Sample

1 pt

A box of bagels costs $7. Jeff has $28. The inequality below can be used to find the numbers of boxes of bagels, x, Jeff can buy with $28.

7x  28

Which statement describes all the possible numbers of boxes of bagels Jeff can buy with $28?

1 pt

Which is a pair of equal expressions?

1 pt

At the basketball game, 16 people were in line at the concession stand. Four people ordered pizza, and the rest ordered a hot-dog. Which picture models this ratio?

1 pt

The pet store sold g goldfish over the weekend. The number of beta fish sold over the weekend is represented by the expression below.

8g – 15

Which other expression also shows how many beta fish were sold yesterday?

1 pt

At a grocery store, the price of a package of butter, b, is half the price of a gallon of milk, m. Which equation represents the relationship between the price of a package of butter and the price of a gallon of milk?

1 pt

Jenny has $15. She will earn more than $60 next week. She will use all her money to buy a new purse. Which number line shows all the possible amounts of money, in dollars, she will have after next week to buy a new purse?

1 pt

The table below represents the number of beaded bracelets, y, that Ashley completed in x minutes.

Which equation describes the relationship between the number of beaded bracelets and the number of minutes?

1 pt

In Yolanda’s class, there are s soccer players. There are 4 times as many soccer, s, players as cheerleaders, c. In Yolanda’s class there are 16 soccer players. Which statement about this situation is true?