BME Writing Test

BME Writing Test Sample

1 pt


This practice writing test can help you determine how well you would do on an actual test and in what areas you would perform the best. This practice test can also show you where your strengths and weaknesses lie when writing essays.

For assessment purposes, this practice writing test will consist of completing one essay based on one of five writing prompts. Read the instructions carefully.

How to Use Your Time

Allow yourself about one hour to write your essay. Follow the steps below.


During this part of the test, you will read each writing prompt carefully, choose one prompt, make quick brainstorming lists of your ideas, and organize those ideas in a simple clustering diagram or outline. From this, you can develop a central idea and tone.


Once you have organized your ideas, you will write them in complete sentences developed into well-formed paragraphs.


Now is the time to read over your draft and make improvements. You want to make sure all of your ideas are developed in a logical order and supported by relevant reasons and examples. You also want to eliminate unrelated ideas and unnecessary words. This is a good time to improve your word choice as well.


Take advantage of the last few minutes of the testing time to review your essay one more time. This time look for errors in capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. These small corrections can make a big difference.


Review the Checklist for Your Writing before turning in your paper. After you write each essay, you or your teacher should complete the Writing Evaluation Chart on page 6. An additional progress chart can be found in Appendix C. It will help you identify your areas of strength and areas for improvement in writing essays. You can also use the six-point scale in chapter 14 to help you evaluate your essay.

Writing Application

Below are five writing prompts that give you instructions about writing an essay. Read each prompt carefully and write an essay based on one of these prompts.

Use the box below for your planning, drafting, and final copy. Your instructor will tell you when to begin and when to stop writing. Do your best, and remember, the purpose of this practice is to help you improve your writing proficiency.

Writing Prompt 1

Field trips become an important way to experience new ideas, inventions, works of art, and cultures. In a narrative essay, tell about one field trip you went on, what happened, and what you learned.

Writing Prompt 2

An old saying states that there is "beauty in simplicity." Discuss important steps you can take to simplify your life.

Writing Prompt 3

We find out about many issues and topics through newspapers, television, and the Internet. What recent issue or event in the news has affected you the most? Give reasons for your opinion.

Writing Prompt 4

Which book, story, or play do you think everyone in your class should read? What does it offer that makes it so special? Describe this piece of literature briefly, and then explain why you think it is a good idea for everyone to read it.

Writing Prompt 5

The mayor is looking for suggestions to get people involved in the community. Consider ways in which people could get involved and make a difference. Write a letter to the mayor explaining your suggestion.