KY QC Biology Test

KY QC Biology Test Sample

1 pt Standard: A1B DOK: 1

Kayla had two Petri dishes full of Euglena. Euglena are unicellular protists that are able to move via a flagellum and can sense light with an eye spot. She exposed one dish to a light source. Then she measured the number of Euglena that moved in the direction of the light. She kept the other dish in the dark. Finally, she measured the direction of movement of the Euglena in the dark.

What is the dependent variable in this experiment?

1 pt Standard: A1D DOK: 3

Anderson wanted to know more about aquatic ecosystems. He predicted that aquatic plants grew best during the summer months. He measured the abiotic conditions in a lake and the primary productivity of a lake near his house. Primary productivity measures the amount of glucose made by living things. It is a good measure of the metabolic rate of a system. His data is shown in the graph below.

What was a likely conclusion?

1 pt Standard: A5G DOK: 1

A certain molecule is found on the surface of most cells and is responsible for communication between the cells. This molecule is made up of long chains of amino acids and is specific to each cell type. Identify the molecule.

1 pt Standard: C1A DOK: 2

What is the molecule shown below made up of?

1 pt Standard: A5J DOK: 2

After breaking its phosphate bonds, ATP becomes