KY QC English 10 Test

KY QC English 10 Test Sample

Chapter: 6 Standard: RC, A 5.b DOK: 2 1 pt

Part A

          "The Sea Gypsy"           by Richard Hovey

          I am fevered with the sunset,           I am fretful with the bay,           For the wander-thirst is on me           And my soul is in Cathay.

5         There’s a schooner in the offing,            With her topsails shot with fire,            And my heart has gone aboard her            For the Islands of Desire.

           I must forth again tomorrow! 10       With the sunset I must be            Hull down on the trail of rapture            In the wonder of the sea.

1. How does the narrator in this poem feel about the sea?

Chapter: 6 Standard: CR, A 5.c DOK: 3 1 pt

What theme in American literature can this poem best be said to express?

Chapter: 5 Standard: CR, A 3.d DOK: 3 1 pt

In addition to the theme above, this poem can also serve as a metaphor for

Chapter: 5 Standard: CR, A 3.d DOK: 1 1 pt

In each verse, the poet uses a part to represent a whole, including "my soul is in Cathay," "my heart has gone aboard her," and "I must be / Hull down…" These are examples of

Chapter: 5 Standard: RC, A 3.a DOK: 1 1 pt

This passage is an example of what type of poem?