MN MCA 7 Math Test

MN MCA 7 Math Test Sample

Standard: 1 pt

A recipe for 32 ounces of lemonade calls for 4 ounces of lemon juice. Janet wants to make 120 ounces of lemonade. Which proportion below should she use to find the amount of lemon juice needed?

Standard: 1 pt

Which of the following is equivalent to the expression: [2x - 5x + 3]

Standard: 1 pt

[Delta ABC] is similar to [Delta GHI]. What is the value of X? Note: The figures are not drawn to scale.

Standard: 1 pt

Which symbol is used to multiply?

Standard: 1 pt

If you want to display results of the percentage of the amount of times a spinner lands on each section out of 600 spins, what type of graph should be used?