TX Biology EOC Test

TX Biology EOC Test Sample

1 pt Standard: 2G

Land usage issues are at the forefront of many environmental concerns. The United States uses land in many different ways. Which type of graph below should be used to most clearly show the percentage of land used in the United States?

1 pt Standard: 4B

The Humboldt squid (Dosidicus gigas) lives in the eastern Pacific Ocean. This squid uses its chromatophores (special skin cells) to quickly change colors and sometimes produce light. How do you suppose the squid obtains the energy needed to produce light?

1 pt Standard: 12C

Which of the following describes the correct energy flow in an ecosystem?

1 pt Standard: 12A

A chameleon changes color to match its environment. This action promotes the survival of the reptile by —

1 pt Standard: 6H

Which of the following is a possible negative outcome of genetic modification (GM) of plant crops?