3rd Grade Math - Calculator Active
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Chapter: 3 Standard: 3.OA.1 DOK: 2 1 pt
Kirby counted all the ceiling tiles in the dentist office waiting room. There were 7 rows of 9 tiles each. How many ceiling tiles were there in all?
Chapter: 2 Standard: 3.NBT.2 DOK: 2 1 pt
Marshall has 973 pennies and gives 218 to his little brother. How many pennies does Marshall have left?
Chapter: 5 Standard: 3.NF.2a DOK: 2 1 pt
Which fraction is represented by the point on the number line?
Chapter: 9 Standard: 3.MD.5a DOK: 2 1 pt
This shape is made up of unit squares. What is the area?
Chapter: 9 Standard: 3.G.1 DOK: 1 1 pt
Identify the following shape.