8th Grade Math - Calculator Inactive

8th Grade Math - Calculator Inactive Sample

1 pt Chapter: 6 Standard: 8.EE.8c DOK: 3

A test has 27 questions and is worth 100 points. The test consists of short answer questions each worth 4 points and true & false questions each worth 2 points. How many short answer questions are there?

1 pt Chapter: 5 Standard: 8.EE.5 DOK: 2

The following fractions below are proportional. Solve the proportion and use your results to find the y-intercept of the proportion equation.
         18 30 = a 20

1 pt Chapter: 5 Standard: 8.F.2 DOK: 2

State the slope of the linear function with a steeper slope.

1 pt Chapter: 13 Standard: 8.G.9 DOK: 3

Donovan opened up a can of soup yesterday and discovered that the soup was not filled all the way to the edge. Using the dimensions provided below, determine how much of the can was not being used. Use 3.14 for π.