KY K-PREP 6th Grade Math Part B

KY K-PREP 6th Grade Math Part B Sample

1 pt Chapter: 3 Standard: 6.NS.6a DOK: 1

What is the opposite of 71.893?

1 pt Chapter: 12 Standard: 6.G.4 DOK: 2

Name the solid represented by the net below. Then, find the surface area of the solid.

1 pt Chapter: 1 Standard: 6.NS.4 DOK: 1

Which pair of expressions are equivalent?

1 pt Chapter: 5 Standard: 6.NS.8 DOK: 3

Each of the sides of the squares on the coordinate grid below represent 7 inches. What is the distance between points R and S?

1 pt Chapter: 8 Standard: 6.EE.2a DOK: 2

" 6 times a number of candies, x, less 7" is equal to the total number of candies left in the bag after Joseph ate some. This expression can be written as