KY K-PREP 6th Grade Math Part C

KY K-PREP 6th Grade Math Part C Sample

1 pt Chapter: 6 Standard: 6.RP.2 DOK: 2

An ice cream store found that for every 2 vanilla scoops sold, they sell an additional 5 chocolate scoops. On Saturday, the store sold 287 ice cream scoops. How many of these scoops were vanilla?

1 pt Chapter: 13 Standard: 6.SP.2 DOK: 2

What is the range of the number of students shown in the bar graph below?

1 pt Chapter: 9 Standard: 6.EE.8 DOK: 1

Which inequality below is represented by the solution on this number line?

1 pt Chapter: 14 Standard: 6.SP.5a DOK: 2

Charlene made a bar graph to show how many minutes she spent practicing her violin Monday through Thursday. What is the total number of minutes Charlene practiced her violin over the four day period?