North Carolina 3rd Grade Math EOG Check-In 2

North Carolina 3rd Grade Math EOG Check-In 2 Sample

1 pt Standard: 3.OA.2

Which statement cannot represent the expression 28 ÷ 7 ?

1 pt Standard: 3.OA.8

Ned played basketball with his team last night

He made 5 shots that were worth 2 points each He made 3 shots that were worth 3 points.

Which equations can be used to find n, the total number of points he scored from his 2-point and 3-point shots?

1 pt Standard: 3.OA.2

Mr. Sanchez has 40 old coins.

He places the coins in 4 groups. Each group has the same number of coins

Which expression can be used to find the number of coins in each group?

1 pt Standard: 3.OA.6

The school kindergarten teacher has 11 students and 88 stickers. She divides them equally among the students. Which number sentence can be solved to find how many stickers each student will have?

1 pt Standard: 3.OA.3

Trey and his two older brothers can’t wait for their new favorite video game to come out in stores. Since they can all play the game at the same time, they agreed to split the cost evenly among the 3 brothers. If the video game cost $36, which number sentence will help the brothers find out much they need to save?