North Carolina 4th Grade Math EOG Check-In 1

North Carolina 4th Grade Math EOG Check-In 1 Sample

1 pt Standard: 4.MD.3

Mrs. Colleen is looking around her classroom for a full box of markers. So far, she has six boxes 14 full. Which fraction below represents the markers Mrs.Colleen has found?

1 pt Standard: 4.MD.4

The amount of fruit salad taken by the Winder family is shown on the line plot below. How many cups of fruit salad were taken in all?

1 pt Standard: 4.MD.3

Devin surprised his family by putting in a rectangular pool in the backyard. The pool has 132 square feet. If the width of the pool is 11 feet, how long is the pool?

1 pt Standard: 4.OA.1

An auditorium has 450 seats. Each row has 15 seats. How many rows are in the auditorium? Write your answer in the box.

1 pt Standard: 4.MD.4

The line plot below shows the weights of the sweet potatoes harvested, to the nearest quarter pound, from Mrs. Redmond’s garden on Wednesday.

How many total pounds of sweet potatoes did Mrs. Redmond harvest on Wednesday?