North Carolina 4th Grade Math EOG Check-In 3

North Carolina 4th Grade Math EOG Check-In 3 Sample

1 pt Standard: 4.NF.2

Look at the shaded fraction models below. Which pair of fractions is represented by the shaded fraction models?

1 pt Standard: 4.NF.6

Michael spent 0.72 of his money on a new bicycle. How can Michael express this decimal as a fraction?

1 pt Standard: 4.NF.3

Add the fraction, 25+210. Which number line shows the correct location of the sum?

1 pt Standard: 4.NF.6

There are 38100 package of puppy food left in Coby's cupboard. What is the amount of puppy food left written as a decimal?

1 pt Standard: 4.NF.2

Three brothers are reading the same book. The table below shows the fraction of the book each brother has read. Which of the following statments is true?