North Carolina 5th Grade Math EOG Check-In 2

North Carolina 5th Grade Math EOG Check-In 2 Sample

1 pt Standard: 5.NBT.3

Lindsey found a cupcake and weighed it on a digital scale. The cupcake weighs 0.35 lb. What is the weight of the rock in expanded form?

1 pt Standard: 5.NBT.7

Solve the problem in the decimal model below. Each square = 0.01.

1 pt Standard: 5.NBT.3

Which symbol makes this sentence true?

1 pt Standard: 5.NF.7

Emerson is making cheeseburgers for all of this friends coming over for the Superbowl Party. He has a 3 pound package of meat from the grocery store. How many 14 pound cheeseburgers can he make for his friends?

1 pt Standard: 5.NF.3

Becky cut each of two birthday cakes into 12 equal parts. as shown in the model below. Becky takes one piece of cake from each. What fraction of all the cakes did Becky take?