North Carolina 6th Grade Math EOG Check-In 2

North Carolina 6th Grade Math EOG Check-In 2 Sample

1 pt Standard: 6.NS.1

Lannie stained the back deck in sections. If the deck is 12 feet wide and the sections are 34 foot wide, how many sections did she stain?

1 pt Standard: 6.NS.1

Mrs. Kendall divided and served 724 cups of cereal to her preschool class.She put 34 cups of cereal in each bowl. How many bowls of cereal will Mrs. Kendall make for her class?

1 pt Standard: 6.NS.3

Determine which 3 of the equations below are true.

1 pt Standard: 6.EE.1

Which expression is equal to -27 ?

1 pt Standard: 6.NS.1

A shrimper caught 25023 pounds of shrimp in 212 days. If the shrimper caught the same amount each day, what is the weight of shrimp caught in 1 day?