North Carolina 6th Grade Math EOG Check-In 3

North Carolina 6th Grade Math EOG Check-In 3 Sample

1 pt Standard: 6.NS.9

Jasmine dives off a 15 foot diving board. She goes 7 feet below the surface of the water. How far does Jasmine travel in total?

1 pt Standard: 6.EE.7

Justin bought 3 games for $25.47.

Part A: Which equation can be used to determine the price, p in dollars, of 1 game.

1 pt Standard: 6.EE.8

The tallest building in North America is One World Trade Center, also known as Freedom Tower. The height of One World Trade Center is 1,776 feet above sea level. The height of every other building in North America can be expressed as an inequality. Which inequality represents the height, h, in feet, of every other building in North America?

1 pt Standard: 6.EE.9

In a box of crackers there are:

16 crackers in a sleeve 6 sleeves in a box 24 boxes in a tub

Let c represent the number of crackers, s represent the number of sleeves, b represent the number of boxes, and t represent the number of tubs. Which equation represents two quantities that change in relation to one another?

Select all the correct equations.

1 pt Standard: 6.G.3

The county of Landover is a rectangular county with Birdwell and Applewood at two of its corners. The table shows the locations of the two cities on a coordinate grid. What could be two other possible locations of the other two corners of Landover county?

Check all that apply.