North Carolina 7th Grade Math EOG Check-In 1

North Carolina 7th Grade Math EOG Check-In 1 Sample

1pt Standard: 7.NS.3

Marlene made aprons to sell on her online store. She paid $164.58 for supplies She charged $9.35 for each apron she sold. If Marlene sold 32 aprons, what was her profit in dollars?

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Based on the data in the table, find a reasonable estimate of how many people will attend the fall festival this year.

1 pt Standard: 7.RP.1

John earns $6 per hour for mowing the lawn. If t represents John’s total earnings for h hours of mowing, which equations can be used to model the situation? Select all the correct equations.

1pt Standard: 7.RP.3

On a map, the scale is 1 inch = 12 miles. If the two cities are 141 miles apart, how far apart are they on the map?

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Annie earns 6% commission on the first $4,000 she has in sales each month. She earns a 8.5% commission on the amount of her sales that are greater than $4,000. This month Annie had $7,000 in sales. What amount of commission, in dollars, did she earn?