North Carolina 7th Grade Math EOG Check-In 3

North Carolina 7th Grade Math EOG Check-In 3 Sample

1 pt Standard: 7.EE.3

Larry was comparing his savings account from last year to this year. His balance on December 31 of this year was 34% more than on December 31 of last year. If *b** is his balance on Dec 31 last year, which expression is his balance this year?

1 pt Standard: 7.G.4

Suppose the approximate area of a circle is 153.86 square inches. What is the approximate circumference of the circle? Use 3.14 for π.

1 pt Standard: 7.G.6

Find the difference in the volumes between the two boxes of cereal below.

1 pt Standard: 7.EE.4

Greg bought packages of red pens and packages of black pens. The packages of black pens had 5 pens in each package. The packages of red pens had 3 pens per package. Greg bought b packages of black pens and 6 packages of red pens for a total of 43 pens. Which equation could Greg solve to determine the number of packages of black pens, b, he bought?

1 pt Standard: 7.G.4

A circular mirror has a diameter of 14 inches. What is the area, in square inches, of the mirror?