LEAP 2025 Science Grade 3 Chapter 6

LEAP 2025 Science Grade 3 Chapter 6 Sample

1 pt

Which in the list below is a physical adaptation?

Look at the picture below to answer the next question.

1 pt

This butterfly has spots on its wings that look like animal eyes. This adaptation is called

Read the passage below and answer the next questions.

Spider monkeys live in rainforests. They have long arms and hands like hooks. They can use their tails like another arm. They can swing from the trees. Spider monkeys can live in the treetops of the rainforest where it is safe. They live in groups. Spider monkeys will call out an alarm if they see danger.

1 pt

What is a physical adaptation of spider monkeys?

1 pt

What is a behavioral adaptation of spider monkeys? Select the two answers that are correct