North Carolina 4th Grade ELA EOG Check in 3

North Carolina 4th Grade ELA EOG Check in 3 Sample

Read the following passage and answer questions 1 - 8.

Little Georgie

Little Georgie sat on the curb and cried While car after car passed him on by. Little Georgie thought and thought

4 About why each day was so hard fought. Day in and day out, at school he was teased For having hair the color of cheddar cheese. The kids pointed at his big ears and feet

8 And laughed because he liked to eat beets. With a heavy sigh, Georgie wiped his eyes Not realizing he was being espied Georgie jumped when a large shadow appeared

12 And a gentle voice whispered in his right ear. "Why are you so sad little boy?" "You should be filled with happiness and joy." The old woman sat down on the curb

16 And asked Georgie why he was disturbed. "Oh, the kids at school make fun of me Because I have red hair, big ears, and big feet." "You should hear them all laughing,

20 Looking at me, jeering and pointing." "Oh, you wonderful, dear, little boy Do not fill your eyes with tears." "What does it matter that your peers

24 Laugh at you and point and jeer." "You are the only you there is, Different from all the other kids." "Do not worry what others think

28 It is your difference that makes you unique." Then Georgie lifted his little head His cheeks all flushed, hot, and red. He looked at the kind woman and sighed

32 His big smile he could not hide. Yes, it is alright to be different and unique And not care what the other kids think. There really is nothing to fear

36 About having red hair and big ears.

1 pt Standard: RL.4.2 DOK: 3

What is the main idea of the passage?

1 pt Standard: RL.4.5 DOK: 3

Which of the following choices best summarizes how the author structures the passage?

1 pt Standard: RL.4.3 DOK: 2

In Paragraph 3, what is the most likely reason Michael asks Adam if they should climb a tree?

1 pt Standard: RL.4.3 DOK: 2

According to the hunter, why does he always bring his gun and his dog when he goes into the woods?