LEAP 2025 Social Studies Grade 5 Chapter 4

LEAP 2025 Social Studies Grade 5 Chapter 4 Sample

"Miles Standish and the Pilgrims," an Adapted Excerpt from American Leaders and Heroes By Wilbur F. Gordy They endured these persecutions as long as they could, and then some of them decided to leave their own…where they would be free to worship God as they pleased … By reason of their wanderings they became known later as Pilgrims. Since they were poor people, the Pilgrims were obliged to accept any work that would enable them to make a living. In Leyden many found employment in the manufacture of woolen goods. Here they were prosperous enough and enjoyed freedom of worship… Although England had been unkind to them, they cherished their native language, customs, and habits of life. They had heard much about the English colony in Virginia… To Virginia … they decided to go, believing that there they could worship in peace and harmony and bring up their children in sturdy English thought and feeling. But it is often easier to plan than to accomplish… Having decided to leave Holland, they found practical difficulties to be overcome: King James’s opposition to their going to America and lack of funds for the long and expensive journey. He permitted them to sail… and … these earnest men and women made ready to sail for their new home in the forest wilds of America.


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