LEAP 2025 ELA Grade 3 Chapter 1

LEAP 2025 ELA Grade 3 Chapter 1 Sample


The Lamb and the Wolf A Lamb sat up on the roof of a house. Looking down, he saw a Wolf passing under him. He began to shout to his enemy. "Murderer and thief," he cried, "What are you doing here, near honest folks’ houses? How dare you come here, where your evil deeds are known?" – Aesop

This passage is which kind of fiction?

1 pt

Why does Tony ask Ted for help?

1 pt

What time of year is it when the story starts? Tell how you know what season it is.


Read this sentence.

"The little mill did not stop, and it kept on grinding salt."

This sentence is which part of the plot?

1 pt

Which two paragraphs support the answer to Part A?