North Carolina 3rd Grade ELA EOG Chapter 1

North Carolina 3rd Grade ELA EOG Chapter 1 Sample

1 pt

Why did the author write this text?


Timmy finally turned back into a boy after

For the following passage, take notes on what you read. Then, answer the questions 7 - 12.


Tornadoes are very dangerous storms. A tornado usually looks like a dark cloud with a cone shape at the bottom. If you ever see a cloud like that, look out! It could be a tornado. There are some kinds of storms that may produce a tornado. When these come up, the weather service puts out a tornado watch. This means it will look for funnel clouds. These signal a tornado forming. Other times, someone may see a tornado. It has already formed. Now, the weather service puts out a tornado warning. If you hear a warning, a tornado may be near you. If this happens, you must TAKE SHELTER. If you’re outside, get inside your house. Go to the basement if you have one. If there isn’t a basement, go to a closet, a bathroom, or a hallway on the lowest level of your house. Stay away from windows. Tornadoes can be scary and dangerous. But you can be safe during a tornado if you follow these steps.

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In this text, what is most likely the author’s view toward tornadoes?

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Which question is answered in the text?