North Carolina 3rd Grade ELA EOG Chapter 2

North Carolina 3rd Grade ELA EOG Chapter 2 Sample

Read the texts, and then answer the questions 1 - 2.

Excerpt from The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi

1. As he was about to put the last touches on the finger tips, Geppetto felt his wig being pulled off. He glanced up and what did he see? His yellow wig was in the Marionette’s hand. "Pinocchio, give me my wig!"

2. But instead of giving it back, Pinocchio put it on his own head, which was half swallowed up in it.

3. At that unexpected trick, Geppetto became very sad and downcast, more so than he had ever been before. "Pinocchio, you wicked boy!" he cried out. "You are not yet finished, and you start out by being impudent to your poor old father. Very bad, my son, very bad!"

4. And he wiped away a tear.

5. The legs and feet still had to be made. As soon as they were done, Geppetto felt a sharp kick on the tip of his nose.

6. "I deserve it!" he said to himself. "I should have thought of this before I made him. Now it’s too late!"

7. He took hold of the Marionette under the arms and put him on the floor to teach him to walk.

8. Pinocchio’s legs were so stiff that he could not move them, and Geppetto held his hand and showed him how to put out one foot after the other.

9. When his legs were limbered up, Pinocchio started walking by himself and ran all around the room. He came to the open door, and with one leap he was out into the street. Away he flew!

10. Poor Geppetto ran after him but was unable to catch him, for Pinocchio ran in leaps and bounds, his two wooden feet, as they beat on the stones of the street, making as much noise as twenty peasants in wooden shoes.

11. "Catch him! Catch him!" Geppetto kept shouting. But the people in the street, seeing a wooden Marionette running like the wind, stood still to stare and to laugh until they cried.


"Pinocchio, you wicked boy!" he cried out.

Read the passage below, and answer questions 4 - 9.

1 pt

Read this sentence:

Mom reminds her to speak in a low voice.

The prefix re- in the word reminds means that Melissa’s mom

1 pt

Read this sentence and answer questions 11 - 12.

The skin is a living organ and protects the body from germs and disease.

Underline the words that have two syllables.