LEAP 2025 Science Grade 4 Chapter 1

LEAP 2025 Science Grade 4 Chapter 1 Sample

Look at the picture, answer the following question

1 pt

The tree above fell over during a storm. Although wind played a part in causing the tree to fall, what other factor caused the tree to fall?

1 pt

Finn wants to find which beach has the highest waves for surfing. Which height chart shows the best waves for surfing?

1 pt

Chris observes water dripping down from the roof of a cave. What is forming at the top of the cave and how is it forming? Select two correct answers.

1 pt

The Colorado River is continuing to shape the Grand Canyon. What is most likely going to happen to the Grand Canyon a million years from now?

In your response be sure to explain

● How the Grand Canyon formed
● Processes which continue to affect the Canyon
● The possible future of the Grand Canyon

As you write, be sure to:

● Address all parts of the prompt
● Use evidence from the information provided and your own knowledge of science to support your response