North Carolina 3rd Grade ELA EOG Chapter 5

North Carolina 3rd Grade ELA EOG Chapter 5 Sample


How will Peter’s mother most likely feel about Peter going in Mr. McGregor’s garden?

Excerpt from The Pony Rider Boys in New Mexico by Frank Gee Patchin

The guide had thrown himself prone upon the ground and was groaning as if in great agony, offering no reply to the question.

"Are you sick?"

"Sí, sí, señor," moaned Juan.


"Estomago – mucho malo."

"Your stomach?" "He’s got a pain under his apron," diagnosed Stacy solemnly.

"Been working too hard," suggested Ned.

In the meantime, the guide was rolling and twisting on the ground, glancing appealingly from one to the other of them.

"Professor, hadn’t you better fetch your medicine case and dose him up?" asked Tad.

"Yes, I’ll attend to him."

"Give him a good dose while you are about it," urged Ned …

The Professor brought his case; then, remembering something else in his kit that he wanted, he laid the case down and hurried back to his tent. However, Stacy opened the case, selecting a bottle, apparently at random, drew the cork and held the bottle under Juan’s nose.

"Smell of this, my son. It’ll cure your estomago on the run."

"Be careful, Chunky, what are you doing there?" warned Tad. "You shouldn’t fool with the medicines. You—"

His further remarks were cut short by a sudden yell of terror and pain from Juan.

1 pt

Who shows the most concern for Juan?

1 pt

Why does the ugly duckling run away?