Algebra II Pretest

Algebra II Pretest Sample

Chapter: 15 Standard: F.TF.5 DOK: 3 1 pt

A scuba diver and his crew on deck spot some dolphins jumping in and out of the water as they swim through the ocean. Let the function D(x)= x 4 38 x 3 +519 x 2 3002x+6160 represent the path that the dolphins travel, where x represents the time since the start of travel and y represents the dolphins' distance above and below the surface of water. The scuba diver and his crew monitored the dolphins for a 20 second interval. At what times (in seconds) during this 20 second interval were the dolphins at the surface level? (Hint: Look for when x equals zero.)

Chapter: 17 Standard: S.IC.3 DOK: 3 1 pt

Students at a college want to have a vote to see which theme should be selected for this year’s homecoming dance. Look at the sampling strategies chosen by four different college representatives below. Choose the answer that would provide the best sampling method for making the decision for the homecoming dance theme.

Chapter: 1 Standard: N.CN.2 DOK: 2 1 pt

What is the simplified form of 2+4i 3i ?

Chapter: 3 Standard: A.SSE.2 DOK: 1 1 pt

If axaybx+by is factored completely, it would be:

Chapter: 9 Standard: F.IF.5 DOK: 1 1 pt

State the domain of the following function using interval notation.