LEAP 2025 Science Grade 4 Chapter 3

LEAP 2025 Science Grade 4 Chapter 3 Sample

1 pt

The Kangaroo Rat lives in the desert. The rat can go its entire life without drinking water. Its body reduces the speed of its metabolism to conserve water. What is this an example of?

1 pt

Christine wants to plant a garden to attract pollinators. She wants to help the local bees in her area. Which type of plant would most likely draw the most pollinators? Choose two correct answers.

1 pt

A male peacock at a zoo extends his feathers out around the peahens What is the peacock most likely trying to do?

1 pt

An air plant survives without being planted in soil. It only needs to be sprayed with water to thrive. How does this plant gain its nutrients?

1 pt

The skin of the polar bear is actually black. It absorbs more light to keep the bear warm. Explain the most likely reason the bear’s fur appears white.