LEAP 2025 Science Grade 4 Chapter 4

LEAP 2025 Science Grade 4 Chapter 4 Sample

1 pt

Which situation would best demonstrate an animal using echolocation?

1 pt

Katie is watching her friend’s rock band practice a song. She sits her phone on top of the speaker. She later finds her phone on the floor. What most likely happened to Katie’s phone?

1 pt

Select two correct answers. What purpose does the buzzing of a cicada serve?

1 pt

A new species of wolf was found in the wild. The wolf is smaller than most species. However, the wolf’s ears are much larger than most other wolves. Explain why the wolf most likely developed these features. In your response, be sure to explain:

 ● why the wolf may have developed these features
 ● how it could help the wolf communicate
 ● what could have caused different developments than other wolves

As you write, be sure to

 ● Address all parts of the prompt
 ● Use evidence from the information provided and your own knowledge of science to support your response