LEAP 2025 Science Grade 4 Chapter 5

LEAP 2025 Science Grade 4 Chapter 5 Sample

Use the graphic below to answer question 1.

1 pt

Ariel, the crash test dummy, is driving along the highway at 40 miles per hour. On the other side of the street, Nick’s, the crash test dummy‘s, car is parked on the side as Nick checks his GPS. Both cars weigh 3,221 pounds. Ariel swerves to avoid a dog in the road. Ariel’s car collides with Nick’s with a tremendous amount of force. What happens when the two cars collide?

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Megan is pushed down the hill on a sled. The image of Megan sledding best represents

1 pt

Kyle is timing the runners of a marathon race. All the racers are traveling in one direction. What is Kyle measuring?

1 pt

An earthquake strikes a city. Books on the library shelves fall off. Which are causes of the books falling from the shelves? Select two correct answers.