LEAP 2025 ELA Grade 3 Chapter 5

LEAP 2025 ELA Grade 3 Chapter 5 Sample


Rabbit Characteristics

1. Rabbits are small mammals that belong to the leporids family. Rabbits come in all kinds of sizes. Some rabbits are about the size of a cat, and some can grow to be as big as a small child. Small rabbits, such as pygmy rabbits, can be as little as 8 inches in length and weigh less than a pound. Larger species grow to 20 inches and weigh more than 10 lbs. Most rabbits are domesticated. This means they live indoors in people’s homes. There are 305 different kinds of domestic rabbits and 13 different kinds of wild rabbits.

Where Rabbits Live

2. Most domestic rabbits live in homes, petting zoos, or on farms. Wild rabbits live in forests, meadows, grasslands, deserts, tundra and wetlands. Wild rabbits create their own homes by tunneling into the ground. These tunnel systems are called burrows and include rooms for nesting and sleeping. They also have multiple entrances for quick escape.

What Rabbits Eat

3. Rabbits are herbivores. This means that they do not eat meat. They mainly eat grass and clover. But rabbits will also eat fruits, carrots, seeds, roots, buds, and tree bark. They are most active at dusk and dawn. This is when they go out to find food. The low light allows them to hide from predators.

Rabbit Survival Skills

4. Rabbits have to be careful to avoid predators like owls, hawks, eagles, falcons, wild dogs, and cats. Rabbits have strong long legs. And they can run for long periods at speeds up to 37 miles per hour. This helps them get away from predators. Rabbits have a very strong sense of smell, hearing, and vision, which also helps them survive in the wild.

Interesting Rabbit Facts

1. Rabbits are very social creatures and love living with other rabbits.

2. They live in large groups called colonies.

3. Baby rabbits are called kits.

4. Rabbits are born hairless and blind.

5. Rabbits live 9 -12 years.

6. A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing.

7. The world’s largest domestic rabbit is Darius. He lives with his owner in England. Darius is 9 years old. He weighs 49 pounds. And he is 4 feet, 3 inches long.

1 pt

Part A

What is the main idea of this passage?


Part B

Which sentence supports the answer to Part A?

1 pt

Part A

According to the passage, which statement below is correct about rabbits surviving in the wild?


Hare Characteristics

1. Many people think that hares are rabbits, but they are not. Hares are small mammals related to rabbits and belong to the leporids family. Hares are larger than rabbits. They have longer hind legs and longer ears. Hares can grow to be 30 inches long. Rabbits have short, cotton ball-like tails. But a hare’s tail can grow to be over 4 inches long. Hares weigh about 11 pounds. A rabbit’s fur stays the same color all year long. But a hare’s fur changes color from brown or gray in the summer to white in the winter. There are about 30 different types of hares.

Where Hares Live

2. Instead of living in underground burrows like rabbits, hares make nests above ground. In fact, hares live their whole lives above ground. They mainly like to make their nests in the grass in meadows and fields. But they will also make nests in rocky areas as well. The only rabbit that lives in nests about ground like hares is the cottontail rabbit.

What Hares Eat

3. Hares mainly eat grass, bark, and twigs. But they will also eat seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruit to fill their bellies. Hares have to chew on bark and twigs because their teeth never stop growing.

Hare Survival Skills

4. Predators that prey on hares are the fox, lynx, coyote, and some birds of prey such as owls. Hares protect themselves by lying very still. They flatten themselves as close to the ground as possible with their ears pressed flat along their backs. A hare will not move unless it has been seen. Hares can run very quickly to get away from predators. In fact, they can run as fast as 40 miles per hour.

Interesting Hare Facts

1. Hares are born with fur.

2. Hares live alone and not in colonies like rabbits.

3. Baby hares are called leverets.

4. Hares are born with their eyes open.

5. Hares usually live from 4 to 8 years in the wild.

6. Hares are excellent swimmers.

7. Hares have powerful hind legs and can jump 10 feet in the air.

1 pt

All of the following are ways that hares are different from rabbits except

Use the chart below to answer questions 10 - 12


On which day did Melissa sell the least cupcakes?