North Carolina 3rd Grade ELA EOG Chapter 8

North Carolina 3rd Grade ELA EOG Chapter 8 Sample

1 pt

What streets would Emily walk down to get to her school if she took the quickest route? Select all that apply.

Look at the following graphics, and answer the questions that follow 4 - 6.

The pie graphs below give information about two pizza places. The graphs compare different pizza crusts and how many are sold.

1 pt

What kind of crust is ordered the least at Cheesy Chuck’s?

1 pt

Read this part of the passage and answer the question.

If you lived before 1840, you might have. Children often worked in caves like this, mining coal. The work was hard and dangerous. Children would work in these mines from sunrise to sunset. Some days, they wouldn’t even see the sun.

Which two sentences show that work days were long in the coal mines? Select the two correct sentences.

1 pt

Say that the author wanted to add another photograph to contrast children’s jobs in the past and the present. Which would be the best photograph to add?