North Carolina 5th Grade ELA EOG Chapter 1

North Carolina 5th Grade ELA EOG Chapter 1 Sample

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The following text is a short biography of a famous Native American physicist named Fred Begay. Create a quick survey of the text. Based on the headings, select the two answers that best describe Fred Begay's life.

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Read this paragraph and the question that follows.

When Begay entered the Indian Affairs school, he felt as if he had entered a different world. It was his first meeting with white people. All the students had to wear uniforms. He was not allowed to speak his native Navajo language, but was taught English instead. He was also not allowed to practice the ceremonies his parents had taught him. Begay even had to change his name! Everything Begay knew was changing.

Based on the paragraph, how do you think young Fred Begay felt when he first started at the Indian Affairs school? Select two of the sentences below that support your answer.

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Which detail explains what caused Begay’s mother to send him to the Indian Affairs school?

Kevin’s church ran an outreach program to help the less fortunate in the city, and one part of the program was a soup kitchen. This Thanksgiving afternoon, Kevin and his family were going to help serve a Thanksgiving feast to dozens of people.

Kevin was a little apprehensive when he first started. He wasn’t sure what to say—plus, he worried about spilling gravy from his ladle! But the first person who came up to the counter, an elderly man with silver hair, smiled warmly at Kevin and said, "Happy Thanksgiving, young man." Kevin found it easy to smile back. "Thanks. You too!" he said as he drizzled gravy over the man’s turkey.

Everyone who came up to him was friendly. Some were quiet and didn’t say much besides "Yes, please" and "Thank you," but they all smiled. Kevin started to feel better about what he and his family were doing. These people weren’t so different from him. He saw some families with kids his own age. They looked excited to see all the delicious-looking food spread before them. Kevin knew the feeling. When his mom cooked Thanksgiving dinner, she had to constantly shoo the kids away because they always tried to sneak a taste here and there.

A couple hours later, after helping the staff clean the dishes, Kevin and his family got back into their car to drive home. "What did you think, kids?" his dad asked, looking at them in the rearview mirror. Kevin was thoughtful for a minute. "I feel good about what we did," Kevin said. "At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend Thanksgiving this way, but now I’m glad."

"Me, too," said Carrie. "We take so much for granted. But if we didn’t help, some people might go without something as wonderful as Thanksgiving dinner!" Kevin reflected on what his sister said. She was right. He felt more grateful now for the good things they had. He felt warm inside and looked forward to spending the rest of the day with his family.

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What can you infer about Kevin’s relationship with his sister?