LEAP 2025 Science Grade 6 Chapter 4

LEAP 2025 Science Grade 6 Chapter 4 Sample

1 pt

Two friends go golfing together. They both want to get a hole-in-one. One friend says he will use science to win.

The golfer hits the ball with an applied force of F3, and it launches into the sky. Which force, if increased, would negatively affect the distance the golf ball traveled?

1 pt

Joe and Jim were each riding a skateboard. To get themselves moving, they pushed against each other’s hands. Instead of going forward, they each rolled backward. This was a demonstration of the principle of

1 pt

The planets in the solar systems remain orbiting around the the sun due to?

1 pt

A skateboarder doesn’t jump off her board before hitting the wall. She falls off her skateboard after the impact. How does the mass of the skateboarder impact the force of the collision?

1 pt

The skate boarder from question 6 was wearing a helmet to absorb the shock from the impact. How does the bike helmet work to absorb the force of the impact?