LEAP 2025 Science Grade 6 Chapter 5

LEAP 2025 Science Grade 6 Chapter 5 Sample

1 pt

Gravity is the force of attraction between any two objects that have mass. The gravitational force that a body exerts depends, in part, on its mass. Which of the following factors also affects the amount of gravitational force experienced between two bodies?

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Part A

What are the monarch butterflies most likely using to navigate?

1 pt

Kyle’s power goes out. He takes a lemon, a copper nail, wire, and a nail made of zinc. He puts them together to create a battery made to power a small lamp. How is the lemon able to generate power? Explain your answer.

1 pt

Paper money contains magnetic strips to prevent counterfeiting. Sasha puts a dollar bill in a blender to see what happens to the magnet. What is the likely going to happen to the magnet in the blender?

1 pt

Part B

Explain how you would improve the design of carts to prevent people form getting hurt during lightning strikes.