LEAP 2025 Science Grade 6 Chapter 7

LEAP 2025 Science Grade 6 Chapter 7 Sample

1 pt

In California, there are many Chaparral plants. These plants thrive in dry, drought-ridden environments, creating a biome. How would local deer benefit from the plant during the drought? Explain your answer.

1 pt

Earth’s first mass extinction happened during the Great Oxygenation Event. Cyanobacteria began producing oxygen which killed the anaerobic bacteria. The increased oxygen in the atmosphere caused other gases to become unbalanced, leading to mass cooling on earth. Which phrase best describes why the cyanobacteria started producing more oxygen?

1 pt

An ant eats the cordyceps fungi. The fungi take over the ant’s body and cause it to climb to a high branch. While the ant latches onto the branch, the fungi go through the ant’s body. The fungi then spread more spores to be eaten by other insects. What type of interdependent relationship allows the fungi to infect the ant?

1 pt

Many areas of Asia rely on a rainy season to grow rice. Rice is planted in water-filled terraces. An increase in global temperatures could affect the rainy season. If the amount of sunlight increased, how would precipitation rates change?

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Part A

  • How does the ecosystem survive in the sealed environment?

  • What processes are involved in keeping the plants alive?

  • How long do you think the ecosystem can sustain itself?