North Carolina 5th Grade ELA EOG Chapter 8

North Carolina 5th Grade ELA EOG Chapter 8 Sample

Source 2: Table of Contents from the Book Ancient Engineering: The Aqueduct by Raymondo Ganz

1 pt

On which pages of the book Ancient Engineering: The Aqueduct would you look to find information about how water tunnels were dug through mountains?

1 pt

Look at this outline based on information from the article "Waterways of Rome."

Select the Oldest aqueducts?

1 pt

Which source would be best to gather information about the history of tsunamis in Japan?

1 pt

Based on the poem, how are the settings different between the beginning of the poem and its end? How does the little boy react to each setting? Use details from the text to support your answer.

Research Project

Now choose one of the topics listed below, or think of a topic of your own. Then do some research in books and on the Internet. Ask your teacher, tutor, or librarian for help. Pick the best sources to use. Take notes about the facts as you find them, and then make an outline of the information you discover.

Some Possible Topics

Why homework is or is not good for students

An athlete who has broken a record

Fun things to do after school

How the human heart works

Native Alaskan culture

Animals of the desert

How to draw a house

Ships used in battles

Life cycle of a frog